We’re a small team, but we embrace a culture of transparency that permeates everything we do.  We seek mutually beneficial relationships that spur innovation with those who have aligned values. We are committed to continually raising the bar regarding the quality of our services, expanding our expertise, and sustaining excellence. We are committed to delivering exceptional service with attention to detail and appreciation for the bigger picture.

Our Staff


Bill Pierce

Executive DirectorPh. (610) 383-6900 x104bill@bvactiveaging.org

Nick Popov 

Director of OperationsPh. (610) 383-6900 x200nick@bvactiveaging.org

Kristine Parkes

Director of Communications & DevelopmentPh. (610) 383-6900 x103kristine@bvactiveaging.org

Dania Langley

Director of AdministrationPh. (610) 383-6900 x105dania@bvactiveaging.org

Jorge "George" Ramon

Development Coordinator

Pam Przychodzien

Executive AssistantPh. (610) 383-6900 x102pam@bvactiveaging.org

Ginger Katzenmoyer 

ReceptionistPh. (610) 383-6900 x101ginger@bvactiveaging.org


Therapy DogPh. (610) 383-woof

Health & Wellness and Activities

Health & Wellness Manager
Coatesville & Downingtown Campus
Ph. (610) 383-6900 x

Lori Martinez

Campus Activities Coordinator
Coatesville Campus
Ph. (610) 383-6900 x111

Melissa Ziegler

Campus Activities Coordinator
Downingtown Campus
Ph. (610) 383-6900 x202

Information & Assistance

Jen Manthey 

Director of Information & Assistance
Ph. (610) 383-6900 x306

Theresa Butts 

Case ManagerPh. (610) 383-6900 x301theresa@bvactiveaging.org

Sean Donoghue-Neider

Housing Case ManagerPh. (610) 383-6900 x308sean@bvactiveaging.org

Donna Pluck

 Resource Navigator Ph. (610) 383-6900 x106donna@bvactiveaging.org

Derek Seagreaves

Housing & Resource Navigator Ph. (610) 383-6900 x309derek@bvactiveaging.org


Miss Bee

ChefPh. (610) 383-6900 x110missb@bvactiveaging.org

Narrina Maldonado

Prep CookPh. (610) 383-6900 x110

Prep CookPh. (610) 383-6900 x110